The season is up and running so please make yourself available for the following fixtures this weekend: ... Saturday 27th April Conference fixture at Home ... Sunday 28th April at Home to Hadley Wood Green in the League ... Availabilities to Shaf ...
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Mayfield Cricket Club

The Rules

Fantasy managers should select eleven players from the Player List in the following way:

2 All Rounders, 1 Wicket Keeper, 1 Super Colt, at least 3 but no more than 4 Batsmen and at least 3 but no more than 4 Bowlers.

The value of a Fantasy Manager's team should not exceed 100.

Players score points for various events in a game and these are set out below. Their accrued points are not exclusive to their description ie a player described as a batsman will score points if he happens to bowl and take a wicket.

In the instance that a Run Out is effected the points will go to the player who either scores a direct hit, fields the ball to the W/K, or runs in to break the stumps. Points will only be allocated if the feat appears in the scorebook. As such, it will be the responsibility of the fielder to ensure that their run out has been attributed to them in the scorebook.

Completed team sheets along with the entrance fee of £10 must have been received before any team can be registered to score points.

Teams will be registered on a first come first served basis. If there are any duplicated team selections the first one received (along with payment) will take precedence, with subsequent duplicated teams being returned for alteration.

The closing date for admission without penalty is the 19th May 2017. Any teams entered after this date will forfeit 50% of the points accrued between the first game and their entry date.

Points for the Fantasy League teams can only be scored by players in games that ordinarily qualify for the averages.

An updated league will be posted on the website every week (if possible).

All Fantasy League scores are subject to some recalculation at mid-season as well as the end of season publishing of averages.

The winner (and this may surprise some) is the Fantasy Manager with the most points after the last qualifying fixture of the season.

The entrance fees are to be divided between the club and top three placed managers.

There will be a mid-season transfer window of a week, during which managers may exchange up to 3 players in their team. They may change the make up of their team including their Captain, but must still remain within all the selection criteria, as described above. The details of when the mid-season transfer week will occur will be made available as soon as possible.

All player values and classifications, have been arrived at purely on statistical grounds based on the 2015/6 seasons although some variations exist. They are not value judgements, there has been no intention to offend.

Players must elect Captains for their team. A Captain scores double points each week that he is Captain of the team. A manager can choose any player to be Captain with the exception of his All Rounders. Captains are chosen at the beginning of the season with the rest of the team and can only be changed once during the season during the mid-deason transfer window.

Points Scoring:

Matches 1pt No Balls -1pt Catches 20pts
Innings 1pt Wides -1pt W/K Catches 40pts
Runs (each) 1pt Maidens 5pts Stumpings 50pts
Not Outs 5pts Wickets 20pts Run Outs 50pts
Ducks -2pts 5-Wkt Inns 75pts    
Boundary 4's 5pts 10-Wkt Inns 500pts MOM 20pts
Boundary 6's 10pts Hatrick 100pts    
50's 50pts      
100's 100pts